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Behind-the-scenes To-Do list

This is a list of stuff to be fixed, changed or added behind the scenes of the wiki software. Any help, feedback or ideas is appreciated.

  • style the comment section so it looks neat
  • Change "Create new page"-button to be more distinct from "Edit this page"-icon
  • don't log people out super quick
  • Make "lost password" link work
  • Check for page load speed improvements
  • Find a neat way of handling FAQs.
    • Preferably questions could be tagged so that they show up on all relevant pages, e.g. on both thrones and scales if applicable.
    • Maybe use the tagging plugin or adapting it?
  • stuff to fix with the ??unit?? syntax:
    • random paths show up weird
wiki-to-do.txt · Last modified: 2020/03/25 03:06 by timotej