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Every game of Dominions 5 is played on a map, which defines the look, geography, and provinces. The map can be hand-made, or randomly generated by the game or another tool.

For a single-player campaign, you usually care less about map balance and more about interesting features and beautiful images. For a multi-player game, balance is often a top concern. Multiplayer maps often need to wrap around in order to not give players advantageous corner starts.

Hand-made maps can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop. As it might be difficult to browse, and there are many maps that are not balanced for multiplayer, this page contains a curated list of common multiplayer maps. Just like mods, maps are auto-downloaded when you connect to a direct-connect game server, so only the game host needs the map.

FIXME: make a sweet table or something for the below list, or maybe a template that includes stuff like number of players. (also consider in which way these lists should differ from the Steam workshop – only in being curated?)

FIXME: should also list a couple common complaints about each maps, to nuance and not make it seem like just a list of "the good maps".

Random Maps

The game has a built-in random map generator, which is rarely used for multiplayer games. Reasons include imbalanced starting positions and cap circles, many underwater provinces, and risk of starting on a small island. The Random Map NoStart Setter tool can make these maps more sensible for multiplayer games.

MapNuke is the current state-of-the-art of random map generation. It is used by most multiplayer games and is under active development. The second random map generation tool is Cartographic Revision, which also produces playable multiplayer maps.

FIXME: write something about what to consider when tweaking the random maps

Long-form 8-16 Player Maps

FIXME intro

* Biddyn * Snerdryn * Hexawyr * Edowyn * Lucid's Atlas

Blitz/Duel Maps

Here is a collection of smaller maps scraped from the Clockwork Hounds servers which are mostly appropriate in size for blitzes and duels.

Available for download here:

FIXME: host the maps on the server?

FIXME: download the maps from 7th's google drive and upload them here

FIXME: if maps have designated throne sites, give the number of thrones for the map

Barony of bears - 74 land provinces

Bat country "fixed" - 65 land provinces

Cage fight - 66 land provinces

Chalice of Ilmatar - 89 land provinces

Coast of goats - 52 land provinces

Desert flower - 58 land provinces

Grigionia - 118 land provinces

Jumaleisson - 61 land provinces

Merrormoor - 75 land provinces

Motherland by Executor? named in honor of Maerlande?

85 land provinces

Murkymoor - 47 land provinces

Rampaging roaches by Elmokki

78 land provinces

Sengoku - 69 land provinces

SS5 - 80 land provinces

Streamlands by Elmokki

93 land provinces

Very Large Maps

Some well-known maps are considered too big or silly for serious games, and only played for special occasions, under carefully calibrated rules, or for the experience.

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