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Mods for Dominions 5

Illwinter has made an easy to use and fairly robust set of modding tools to the community. The community in turn has made extensive use of them and there is now a plethora of mods ranging from little utility mods like the debug mod to the gargantuan total conversions which scrape the limits of Dominions as an engine. These days most games of dominions include at least one or two small mods and game featuring major mods are nearly as common as those which are nearly vanilla. For help making your own mods see making mods. Mods are constantly being created and posted on For a complete listing of popular mods see Red Rob's mod catalogue forum post. You could also find a list with most of the mods for Dominions 5 in the DominionsMods discord.

Total Conversion mods

[description of them as a group]


Hellenika is a single mod that focuses on the Early Ages and the ancient mediterranean world (particularly, but not exclusively, from a Greek point of view). In this mod, you'll find all of Aethernomad's mod nations, many vanilla nations heavily modified, major changes to pretenders, and almost no changes to the base game. The forum thread for the mod can be found here and a PDF listing changes here.hellenika_v2.12_full_changelist.pdf

Oplontis, Pyroclastic Tide

Oplontis is a mod nation sub mod for Hellenika currently waiting for review by Aethernomad so that it can be officially added. It is inspired by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the ensuing destruction of Pompeii (and the nearby cities of Herculaneum and Oplontis from which this mod gets its name). In theme it is a fusion of Ermorean and Abyssian culture and is designed to play in a straightforward manner while still being able to hold its own against Hellenika nations. It features monks channeling the fury and power of volcanoes, Scottish Highland Cyclopes, and Cave Drakes grown large enough to rival dragons. It was made by Mandarbmax and features some spritework from the best dominions spriters, Marjanaama, Executor, Pymous, and Mirokan. It is currently only available on the hellenika discord or by direct request to Mandarbmax because he has been too lazy to put it on the forums.


Legendary is a gameplay mod pack that primarily focuses on altering the game's (world) environment. It consists of eight individual mods, each of which alters a different aspect of the game.

  Legendary Cataclysm - Adds cataclysmic yearly events
  Legendary Dwellings - Adds various upgradable dwellings to the world map
  Legendary Fable - Alters the world to a high degree and adds a RP aspect
  Legendary Guildmasters - Adds Guilds to the game
  Legendary Lords - Enables a diplomatic aspect of the game in the form of votes
  Legendary Sellswords - Substantially increases the amount of mercenaries
  Legendary Sites - Adds specialized sites of power to the capital and world
  Legendary Vendors - Adds traveling vendors that sell wares

Get the latest version over on the forums here and a copy of the manual here.

Dominions Enhanced

This is a compilation mod designed to enhance and expand Dominions in a variety of ways. Red Rob has tried to ensure that everything added fits with the base game in terms of tone and adherence to the existing material. It includes the following:

  A host of new spells, items, sites, heroes, mercenary groups, units and nations
  Over 1,000 new units!
  Over 1,000 new spells!
  Balance tweaking to many spells, items and Pretenders
  Adds over 100 additional Pretender options
  Many uncommon or rare sites gained additional effects - sites with Healing or Adventure abilities made more impactful
  Comes with a PDF (downloadable separately) detailing new spells and a changelog detailing Pretender and Site changes
  Full path booster guide available here listing items and summons by path access
  Adds seven new nations per era, based on Finnish, Arabic, Netherlands, Hawaiian, Australian, Venetian, Islamic, Benin, Native American, Mongol, Turkic, Dahomey, Nepali and Tibetan mythologies and cultures
  Arena now rewards the winner with a random artifact
  Includes work by Red_Rob, Boing, KestrelM1, Amuys, Zonk, StainedClass, Kate_Micucci, Nounours, Pyg, Llamabeast, Turin, The Vanishag, Quantum_Mechani, Sombre, Globu, Ohlmann, Sy, Mormacil and others.
  Get the latest version from the mod thread [[|here]].


Natgen is a program which was first created for Dominions 3 and has been updated to Dominions 4 and 5 that generates random nations for Dominions 5, complete with entirely new sprites! The program allows you to experience nations no other mods will, partially because of how every nation is unique, but also partially because of how the relative ease of producing content for the program has led to the program containing all sorts weird, interesting and sometimes silly potential things that might've taken too much effort to develop into a full standalone mod nation.

Fourth Age

The Fourth Age Mod is a total conversion mod-pack of the Late Age of Dominions, intended to answer the "What if?" question of what a post-LA age would look like if Illwinter decided to add one to the base game.

Fourth Age Main Page
4A Discord

Nation Packs

[Description of them as a group]

Stabro mod pack


Alexsa's mod pack

Alexsa is a prominent and productive modder who has compiled all of their mods into a single thread here.

Balance mods

[Description and remember to include that many people prefer vanilla]

Community Balance mod

JBretton Balance Mod

Radical Balance Mod

(I think I got the name right)

Bloax's 707

Content Mods

[feel free to give it a better name, just a catch all category I guess]

Magic Explodes

Worthy Heroes

Better Arena

Lucid's Thematic Gem Gen

Lucid's Low Lead Paint Chips

(the real name is worse and should be changed)

Thank you, Larz

Utility Mods

Debug Mod

The Debug Mod is a mod that lets you test battles and interactions by removing the level restrictions for all items and spells. It also introduces a couple spells and units for testing.

Arena Map

The Arena Map by DasTactic isn't a proper mod, but a map that is intended to be edited for testing battles and interactions. There is a Youtube explanation and a Steam Workshop page.

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