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As the name implies, the independents comprise stationary factions with no affiliation to a god or nation. At the beginning of a game, all provinces except for the players' starting provinces are populated by independent forces, though these are not visible on the first turn. This makes "blind" first turn expanding (into an unknown independent force) a potentially risky move. Independent provinces never have any province defense, nor do they regain troops that have been killed. The independent types that spawn at the beginning of the game are representative of the units that will be present in a player's province defense in that province, as well as what they are able to recruit, unless they're Undead or Phantasmal.

Throne provinces are guarded by stronger independents, with higher throne levels having stronger guardians and possibly neutral Pretender chassis. While not limited to thrones, stronger independents may spawn with random magic items and gems, meaning that taking such provinces is often more complicated than the larger quantitity of chaff they have. Note that mages in Throne provinces do regain their gems after each battle.

Barring upkeep, independent forces are subject to the same checks that any player army is: underlying disease or horror marking magic sites will afflict them, as will disease caused by starvation. Additionally, they experience the full effects of any magic items they might have, including items such as a Soul Contract spawning devils every turn. Independents do not patrol for any reason, therefore there is no risk to stealthy commanders in their provinces.

Independent forces can also be created through random events in which they will attack the controlling player's forces stationed there, and perhaps take back control of the province. Should they beat patrolling forces in a fort, independents will never storm a castle, no matter how long they siege it. Independent owned provinces do not experience random events. Should an independent priest bless independent sacred troops, nothing will happen (this is probably a bug).

The spells known by independent mages may be set one of two ways: many chassis have predefined research levels, and will be able to cast spells of all research schools, including modded spells, up to this level. Others have a hardcoded list which they are able to draw from. For a full list of these, see this subpage.

Independent Types

Common Independent Types

FIXME List common independent types on land and underwater, what pd they generate, what they allow you to recruit.

Mundane Independents

Mundane independents represent the common folk of the Dominions universe, who lack the magic of their more gifted contemporaries and instead defend their land with good old iron and steel (occasionally supported by the local wizard, if you are unlucky). They become more common in the later ages as magic wanes and the weird and wonderful independent types begin to lose their influence.

Later age mundane independents are also much more dangerous than their early age counterparts, wielding harder-hitting weapons and wearing tougher armor. For some specific examples:

  • The lightly armored, spear-wielding Heavy Infantry of the early age are completely replaced by broadsword-wielding Heavy Infantry in the late age.
  • Archers gain more armor through the ages and are joined by their armor-piercing Crossbowman comrades in the late age.
  • Heavy Cavalry in the late age universally have 18 protection and three attacks (including their lance charge), while you can see more lightly armored types without additional attacks in earlier ages. They also tend to be a much higher proportion of independent defense in later ages.

From any province defended by mundane independents you will be able to recruit whatever units were defending it, and any province defense you set up will be made up of those units. You may also be able to recruit a generic Priest for blessing small numbers of sacreds.

Early Independents

The rest of the independent types are those who are more in tune with magic, such as tribespeople, druids and sometimes the magical entities themselves. They are far more common in the early age, and for the most part become rarer in later ages as the overall strength of magic declines and is eclipsed by mundane technology. These "early" independents vary significantly in threat level, some being Militia-level pushovers and others capable of annihilating unprepared expansion parties. Some are quite valuable for the mage recruits they provide, which can easily give a nation access to paths it is otherwise unable to use. They generally become less common the later the age. They can be organized into several subgroups:

FIXME Provide brief descriptions of threat level and notable recruits. Images might be nice as well

Misc: these do not fit into any particular subgroup.

  • Barbarians

Force consists of Barbarians with great swords and Barbarians with mauls, led by 2-3 Barbarian Chiefs and 0-1 Barbarian Lord. Suitable terrain: plain, forest, highland, mountain, waste. Common in EA and MA, in LA they remain common in forests and wastes, becoming uncommon elsewhere. Barbarian Lords cannot be recruited in barbarian provinces.

  • Druids

There are two kinds of druids:

Woodhenge Druid commands a Woodsman Blowpipe squad, always accompanied by a second Woodhenge Druid with a Vine Man squad or by a Woodsman squad with no Druid, but rarely by both. Woodhenge Druids are common in Swamps and uncommon in Forests of all ages. Vine Men cannot be recruited, and PD is led by a basic Commander.

Bloodhenge Druids, their less common cousins, always gather in groups of five. Their troops consist of Woodsman Blowpipes and either a few Dark Vines or a Vine Man group plus some results of their Cross Breeding experiments. They are found in the same terrain and have the same recruitment options and PD as their less bloody brethren, and, as such, cannot be recruited.

  • Forest Trolls

At times, a Druid province may be occupied by a handful of Forest Trolls and a single Troll Shaman. Recruitment/PD is identical to the previous indie type.

  • Hoburg

Come in three kinds:

First one consists of Burgmeister Guards and Hoburg Crossbows, led by 2 Hoburg Champions, and is found uncommonly in MA and LA farms. Hoburg Militia may be recruited as well. Burgmeister Guards are not a part of PD.

Second one is just a bunch of Hoburg Militia, but they are led by a Horticulturist and a Hoburg Priest. Also found in farms, but this time in EA and MA. PD led by a Priest.

Third kind is a few Burgmeister Guards, Hoburg Crossbow and dreaded Hog Knights, commanded by a Burgmeister, a Horticulturist and a Hoburg Priest. Found only in LA (in farms, as usual). Burgmeister cannot be recruited, but Hoburg Militia, Hoburg Champions and even commander version of Hog Knight can be. PD is one such Hog Knight leading Militia and Crossbows.

  • Fir Bolg

Fir Bolg Militia, Fir Bolg Warriors and Fir Bolg Slinger, all led by a single Fir Bolg Champion. EA Farm exclusive, and uncommon even there and then. No warriors in PD.

  • Lizards

Lizard Warriors and, possibly, Crocodiles, led by 1-2 Shamans. Common in swamps and forests (not so common in LA forests). Crocodiles cannot be recruited.

  • Monkeys

Atavi Infantry, Atavi Archers, Markata and Markata Archers, all led by Atavi Chieftains. Forest-exclusive, monkeys are common in EA, uncommon in MA and are no longer found in the wild in LA. Markatas (both kinds) are sometimes absent. Markata Archers cannot be recruited.

  • Raptors

Raptors and a few Caelian Soulless, led by an indie Harab Seraph. Found only in MA Highlands, where they wait for their LA return. Soulless, certainly, cannot be recruited.

  • Undead

A single indie type with many variations. Found in all land terrain types, except Farms, and in all ages. Every specific variation is pretty rare, but all together they have a decent chance to be encountered. Undead provinces always have low population. Recruitment and PD consist of Slingers and Commander (replaced by Cavemen in Caves). Possible variations include:

A Mound King leading Ghouls and various standard Longdead.

A mounted Mound King leading a Longdead Horseman troop.

Ghouls and Soulless.

Possessed Corpse with a force of Ganas and Pisachas.

A Wight Mage, protected by Longdead Horseman cavalry led by a Mound King, Mound King bodyguards and a bunch of Soulless.


  • Bear Tribe

Hatchet Bear Tribe Warriors and spear/javelin Bear Tribe Warriors, led by a Barbarian Chief and a Bear Tribe Shaman. Highlands and forests only, uncommon in LA. No Barbarian Chief recruitment.

  • Bone Tribe

Bone Tribe Hunters and Bone Tribe Beast Hunters, led by 1-2 Bone Tribe Head Hunters and a Bone Reader. Can be found in highlands, wastes and forests. The most dangerous of the tribes, they are common only in EA forests, and become completely extinct by LA. PD led by a Head Hunter, not a Bone Reader, though both may be recruited.

  • Deer Tribe

Deer Tribe Warriors and Deer Tribe Archers, led by a Barbarian Chief and a Deer Tribe Shaman. Frequent plains, mountains and forests. Become uncommon in LA. No Barbarian Chief recruitment.

  • Horse Tribe

Horse Tribe Cavalry led by Horse Tribe Chiefs. Can be commonly found in plain, mountain and waste provinces. Become uncommon in LA, except in wastes.

  • Jaguar Tribe

Jaguar Tribe Warriors and Jaguar Tribe Slingers, led by a Jaguar Tribe Priest. Inhabit swamps and forests. Dwindle in LA in the latter.

  • Lion Tribe

Lion Tribe Warriors and Lion Tribe Archers, led by a Lion Tribe Witch Doctor. Find them on plains, mountains and in forests. Uncommon in LA.

  • Wolf Tribe

Wolf Tribe Warriors and Wolf Tribe Archers, led by a Barbarian Chief and a Wolf Tribe Shaman. The most common tribe: plains, forests, highlands, mountains and even wastes are their homes. In LA, remain common in wastes. No Barbarian Chief recruitment.

Amazons: One Priestess and one Sorceress, leading some Amazons of the corresponding clan and a handful of that clan's sacred units. Leaders often possess magic items. Least uncommon in EA. All can be recruited, PD is led by a Priestess.

  • Crystal Amazons

Crystal Sorceress, Crystal Priestess, archer Amazons and Pegasus Riders (who, obviously, can fly). Live on Plains and Mountains.

  • Garnet Amazons

Garnet Sorceress, Garnet Priestess, fire-resistant Amazons and Gryphon Riders (once again, guard your rear). Waste-exclusive.

  • Jade Amazons

Jade Sorceress, Jade Priestess, boring Amazons and Jade Maidens. Found in Forests and Swamps.

  • Onyx Amazons

Onyx Sorceress, Onyx Priestess, better-armored Amazons and scary Nightmares. Never leave Highlands.

Mages: This category encompasses various human spellcasters protected by standard human troops. All these indie types have the same recruitment list: Militia, Archer, Light Infantry, Commander, Priest and a common Scout. PD consists of Militia and Archers led by a Commander. As you can see, mages themselves cannot be recruited.

  • Cloud Mages

Either a single Cloud Mage with a lieutenant Commander, or two such Mages under a guidance of a Wind Master. They lead Light Infantry and Archers, and have a few Heavy Infantry bodyguards. Can be found in Plains, Highlands and Mountains of all ages.

  • Azure Mages

Either an Azure Initiate or an Azure Mage, with a retinue of Light Infantry led by a Commander. Initiate is also accompanied by some Militia, while Mage is followed by one Jotun Axeman and another Commander. Found in Farms and Swamps.

  • Necromancers

One Necromancer and his servants, both human (Commander leading Light Infantry and Militia) and undead (Mound King and a Longdead Horseman squad). Found in Wastes and Caves. In the latter case, recruitment list and PD consist of Cavemen.

  • Conjurers

Either a single Conjurer plus a Commander, Archers and Heavy Infantry, or two Conjurers led by a Circle Master, with a mix of ring mail Archers and plate Archers, a mix of scale mail Heavy Infantry and chain mail Heavy Infantry, two Commanders and some risen Longdead. Reside in Wastes and Highlands.

  • Wizards

Two of them, a blue Wizard and a red Wizard, a single War Minotaur and some weak human troops: a Commander, Slingers, Militia with no shield and Militia with one. Farms only.

  • Pyromancers

Just one Pyromancer, actually. Also a Commander leading some Militia and Light Infantry. Only ever found in Wastes.

Caves: these independents mostly appear in caves.

  • Bakemono-Sho

Two flavors:

Cave-dwelling Bakemono-Sho are accompanied by a few Ko-Oni and a Bakemono Shaman. Common in all ages. Recruitment list and PD consists only of Bakemono-Sho and Bakemono Chief.

Highland Bakemono-Sho also have some Bakemono Archers amidst their ranks, who can be recruited and are a part of PD. Uncommon, and no longer encountered in LA.

  • Ko-Oni

A Demon Priest guiding some Ko-Oni. Uncommon in MA and LA. In EA they are common in Caves and can be sometimes found in Highlands. Both Ko-Oni and Demon Priests can be recruited.

  • Cavemen

A Caveman tribe led by a Caveman Champion. Common Cave dwellers in all ages, they are sometimes found in EA Wastes as well.

  • Lava-born

Lava-born Commander commanding some Lava-born. Only common in EA.

  • Pale Ones

Pale Ones and a Pale One Commander. Common in all ages.

  • Zotz

A flock of Zotz led by an unskilled indie Camazotz. Common in all ages. Even without any blood magic Camazotz keep their Blood Searcher bonus.

  • Troglodytes

Some Troglodytes, led by a Troglodyte Lord. Common only in EA. Lords cannot be recruited. Unexpectedly, PD consists of Cavemen.

  • Cynocephalians

Cynocephalian Hunters and Cynocephalian Warriors plus a Cynocephalian Chieftain and a Cynocephalian Shaman. In EA they are common, and sometimes take residence in Highlands and Wastes. In MA they are uncommon, and Cave-only. Seem to be totally extinct in LA. Indie Cynocephalians have somewhat worse equipment than their Ind-civilized brethren, but cause no unrest. Indie Shamans are non-heretical and have a wider range of crosspaths.

Sea: these independents mostly appear in the Sea. Some of them (Ichtyids and Shamblers) can be found in coastal land provinces as well. Deep Sea and Gorge have the same list of indies. Most of underwater indie types are Tritons:

  • Poor Tritons

Tritons armed with nothing but knives, led by a Triton Commander. Uncommon in MA and LA Deep Sea, common otherwise.

  • Triton Guards

Spear-wielding Tritons, Triton Guards and a couple of Triton Commanders. Always common in shallow Sea, but become uncommon in Deep Sea after EA. Knife Tritons can also be recruited.

  • Triton Troopers

Triton Troopers, Triton Guards and, as usual, two Triton Commanders. Only found in MA and LA. Common in shallow Sea, uncommon in Deep Sea.

  • Shark Knights

A small number of Shark Knights, accompanied by Triton Troopers and 2 Triton Commanders. Uncommon in MA and LA, not found in EA.

  • Triton Knights

A few Triton Knights plus some Triton Troopers and a single Triton Commander. In EA they are common, but absent in Deep Sea. Later they are uncommon, but found in all underwater provinces. Triton Guards can be recruited as well.

  • Shark Tribe

2 Triton Commanders leading Shark Tribe Tritons. In EA they are common in all Seas, in MA they are no longer found in Deep Sea, in LA they become uncommon.

  • Tribal Shark Knights

Shark Knights and Shark Tribe Tritons, led by 2 usual Triton Commanders. Exclusive to EA shallow Sea, but common under these conditions.

  • Turtle Tribe

Turtle Tribe Tritons and 2 Triton Commanders. Just like Shark Tribe, common in EA everywhere, leave Deep Sea by MA, uncommon in LA.

  • Amber Clan

An Amber Clan Priest leading Amber Clan Tritons and Amber Clan Guards. Sometimes an Amber Clan Mage joins them. Common in EA, uncommon later. PD led by a priest.

Rare Independent Types

A number of significantly rarer independent types exist. Unlike the above, local recruitment province defense for these provinces will not include their natural defenders, rather another type of defender will be chosen instead. These provinces have commanders with forced names, additional magic paths, and pre-assigned items, some of which cannot be obtained through other means. There is however a chance that they will generate with additional items.

The significance of these provinces is typically in the sites they guard or the items that their defenders carry. In any case, these types of defenders are mostly more dangerous than other provinces. Notably, some rarity 5 magic sites which generate naturally have these special defenders. These are highly unusual, and it is rather likely that a map may generate without any of these sites. It has been observed that these population types can also be throne defenders if their site spawns in a throne province.

Despite some of these involving named commanders, this does not stop duplicates appearing on the same map. They may however have slightly different magic paths due to random rolls on their chassis.

Site Commanders Example Units Observed terrains Notes
Bolivar's Tower of Reflections
(Search air 33)
Bolivar Wise, Illusionist: air 66, Weightless Scale Mail, Amulet of Missile Protection, Dancing Trident
Grisman, Illusionist: air 22, Amulet of Missile Protection
3 Swordsman
5 Phantasmal Warriors
3 Maceman
Plains, Highland, Mountain The two illusionist commanders have the obfuscate ability, making this province often appear empty or with very few swordsmen or macemen.
Holy Crypt of Anre
Anre, Eternal Knight: Flambeau, Crown of Command, Girdle of Might 5 Eternal Knights
39 Heavy Infantry
11 Knights
Plains, Mountains
The Queen's Galley
(search death 33)
Queen Andromea, Wailing Lady: Astral Serpent 10 Ghosts Sea (not deep)
Mine of the Cyclops
Arges, Elder Cyclops: Hammer of the Mountains, Copper Plate
Brontes, Elder Cyclops: +earth 33, Hammer of the Cyclops, Girdle of Might
Steropes, Elder Cyclops: Midget Masher, Dancing Shield
4 Gigante Hoplites
3 Lochos
Highland The Hammer of the Cyclops is an unforgeable two handed weapon which grants +1 master smith.
Starke's Ice Cave
(search water 11)
Starke, Ice Druid, water 33death 22nature 11holy 11: Vial of Frozen Tears, Ice Sword, Raw Hide Shield
Jotun Herse
1 Ghost
15 Jotun Spearman
3 Winter Wolf
Highland The Vial of Frozen Tears is an unforgeable miscellaneous booster for Water and Death.
Surakid's Tower
(search astral 11)
Surakid, Spectral Mage, death 22astral 44nature 33: Ring of Sorcery
Arundel, Longdead Legionnaire, Enchanted Sword, Hydra Skin Armor, Horror Helmet
Elias, Longdead Legionnaire, Bone Armor, Amulet of Antimagic
15 Longdead Highland
None Antatus, Golem, astral 44: Marble Armor, Herald Lance, Scutata Volturnus, Crown of Command 2 Stone Monstra
28 Living Statues
Plains These units appear unrelated to any magic sites.
None Satina, Sorceress, fire 22earth 44astral 33nature 33: Robe of the Sorceress, Pendant of Luck
22 Burgmeister Guard
1 Crusher \ 15 Earth Gnomes
1 Fall Bear
Forest The Robe of the Sorceress is an unforgeable robe which grants +1 to all paths of sorcery. Some unusual units can be recruited from this province: Hoburg Militia, Hoburg Crossbow (even in EA), Hoburg Champion, and Burgmeister Guard.
Troll Pit
(search earth 22)
Skallhögg, Troll King: Elf Bane, Lead Shield, Green Dragon Scale Mail, Girdle of Might
Villvacke, Vaetti: Knife of the Damned, Berserker Pelt, Slave Collar
5 Trolls
42 Vaetti
3 Wyverns
Highland This province has some highly unusual local recruits available: Chief, Vaetti, Wolf Rider, Troll. Trolls can be recruited here even without searching the province for the Troll Pit.
Jungle Temple
(search nature 22)
Ninhadi, Lamia: Fenris' Pelt, Enchanted Sword
Unu'ishimma, Lamia Queen astral 22death 33nature 22: Astral Serpent
10 Horned Serpents
20 Lamias
Forest As well as having a hidden site, one of the commanders carries Fenris' Pelt, an artifact.
None Solaris, Paladin: Sun Armor, Sun Sword, Sun Helm, Sun Shield
Ignatius, High Priest holy 22
17 Flagellants
8 Knight of the Chalice
Farmland All the Sun items carried by Solaris are unforgeable. Unusually, if this appears in EA it is still possible to recruit the Longbowman (as well as Knights) from this province, which is otherwise very difficult in the era.
The Primal Forest
Dumuzi, Annunaki of Growth and Rebirth earth 44death 33nature 55: Summer Sword, Vine Shield, Ivy Crown
Annunaki of Love and War air 55earth 33nature 44
2 Kithaironic Lions
50 Vine Man
5 Vine Ogres
13 Woodland Spirits
Desert of Ptah
Ptah, Divine Mummy fire 33astral 33death 55: Sceptre of Authority, Rat Tail, Crown of Ptah, Red Dragon Scale Mail
Nuptamon, Giant Mummy: Wraith Sword, Copper Plate
3 Mummy
2 Behemoths
50 Longdead
1 Scorpion Beast
Waste The Crown of Ptah is an unforgeable item. If obtained it cannot be removed, but it allows its wearer to cast Control the Dead.
Halls of the Dead
(search death 11)
Katafagus, Master Lich fire 22air 33death 77: Crown of Katafagus
Shattermouth, Bane
100 Longdead
3 Mummy
Waste, Cave These defenders have a chance to spawn where the Halls of the Dead do. The site can spawn independently of them, too. The Crown of Katafagus is an unforgeable item that cannot be removed but allows its wearer to summon mummies.
(search death 11)
Mobar, Lich death 55: Skull Staff, Robe of Invulnerability
Reaver, Bane: Horror Helmet, Champion's Skull
50 Soulless
100 Longdead
5 Wights
Waste These defenders have a chance to spawn where Catacombs do. The site can spawn without these defenders, too. Reaver's Champion's Skull will typically mean that he enters the hall of fame on about turn 3 if this site is present on the map.
Cave of Ghouls
(search death 22)
Gore Jaw, Ghoul: Blacksteel Tower Shield, Blacksteel Sword, Blacksteel Helmet, Blacksteel Full Plate 57 Ghouls Cave, Waste These defenders have a chance to spawn where Caves of Ghouls do. The site can spawn without these defenders, too. The most important feature here is the named commander: randomly named commanders will never be named Gore Jaw.
Cave of Dark Rites
(search death 22)
Kekon, Harvester of Sorrows death 55 10 Fiend of Darkness
33 Shades
30 Shade Beasts
Cave These defenders have a chance to spawn where the Cave of Dark Rites does. The site can spawn without these defenders, too. These defenders look very like a more common cave independent type: the harvester of souls is the distinguishing feature. The province population will likely be very depleted due to the harvester having the reaper trait.
The Iron Caverns
(search astral 22)
Ar, Unfrozen Mage water 22earth 33death 44: Skull Staff, Boots of Stone, Astral Serpent
Eo, Unfrozen Lord: Bone Armor, Amulet of Antimagic
6 Unfrozen
26 Unfrozen Warriors
Cave These defenders have a chance to spawn where The Iron Caverns are. The site can spawn without these defenders, often in other terrain types.
The Doom Cloud
(search air 22)
Pazuzu - Lord of the Plague Wind: Bane Blade, Weightless Tower Shield 32 Longdead
8 Storm Demons
Waste These defenders have a chance to spawn if The Doom Cloud spawns in a waste.
None Yiaia, Starspawn water 11astral 55death 22nature 22: Robe of Shadows, Ring of Sorcery, Astral Serpent
Ichtyid Lord
5 Ether Warriors
22 Ichtyid
14 Ichtyid Warriors
Coast The treasure here is the Ring of Sorcery.
None Get-Ola, Chimera: Carcator the Pocket Lich 25 Draconians Highland The pocket lich is an artifact. This province has some highly unusual local recruits available: Chief, Vaetti, Wolf Rider, Troll.
Earthroot Tower (search earth 11) Troll King 8 Trolls
1 Troll Moose Knight
2 War Trolls
Highland This province has some highly unusual local recruits available: Trolls, War Trolls, Troll Moose Knights, and most importantly the Troll King for a mere 200 gold.
None Tott'ush, Shaman astral 11nature 33: Vine Whip, Totem Shield, Horned Helmet, Hydra Skin Armor, Boots of Long Strides, Cat Charm, Barkskin Amulet 1 non-commander Shaman
25 Slave Warriors
Swamp The slave warriors have a 50% chance to not always present, making this a very easy province to take with only two shamans in it. Additionally, Tott'ush carries a large amount of gear to loot.
None Tulsa Doom, Shaman astral 22nature 33: Thorn Staff, Robe of Shadows, Snake Ring, Pendant of Luck
1 Shaman
36 Slave Warriors Swamp
None Oberführer, Hoburg Hero: Shortsword, Blacksteel Helmet, Blacksteel Full Plate
Hoburg Priest
14 Burgmeister Guard
3 Hoburg Crossbows
16 Hog Knights
Farmland Oberführer carries the unforgeable Shortsword, a two handed weapon which inflicts double damage to larger beings. This province allows the recruitment of Hoburg Militia, Burgmeister Guard, Hoburg Champions, and (even in EA) Hoburg Crossbows.
None Shark Bane, Sea King: Wave Breaker 5 Kraken
14 Sea Trolls
Sea Unique, but unremarkable.
None Ogul Voidmaster, Hydromancer: Robe of the Sea, Spell Focus
2 Initiate of the Deep
1 Sea Father
5 Amber Clan Guards
1 Amber Clan Triton
3 Shark Knights
1 Triton Trooper
Sea Unique, but unremarkable.
None Shul Uzuz, Mind Lord 2 Shamblers
10 Slave Trolls
Gorge, Deep Sea Unique, but unremarkable.
None Tiamat, Wyrm water 11earth 11 10 Sea Serpents Gorge, Deep Sea Unique, but unremarkable.
None Lucidor, Adept of Pyriphlegeton: Fire Brand
Commander: Ring of Fire
5 Abysian Infantry
20 Light Infantry
1 Salamander
Plains, Mountain, Waste Easily mistaken for a common light infantry province.
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