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Seeking Arrow

Seeking Arrow is a ritual that requires air 33 and Enchantment 3 to cast, requiring 4airgem. It inflicts 8 magical armor-negating damage that always strikes the chest. Unintuitively, despite coming from an arrow, this is not considered piercing damage, and thus piercing resistance does nothing to negate the effect of this spell. However, Air Shield, Twist Fate, and Luck may protect against the spell, and it has a 75% chance to fail if Perpetual Storm is active.

Air shield from items, or Air bless grants 90% protection against this effect. Air shield from the Throne of Air does not offer any protection.

This ritual does not target commanders which are carrying out stealthy orders.

Casting or being the target of this spell results in a number of possible game messages:

The spell was cast successfully. The enchanted arrow found a suitable target and headed for the enemy's heart.

This has a 75% chance to occur when the global Perpetual Storm is active, and results in the spell being wasted. Mighty storms blew the arrow off course and it was not able to find any target.

A commander was struck and killed by the resulting damage. Suddenly an arrow appeared out of the sky and struck Commander the unit type straight in the heart. Commander died instantly.

A commander was struck but survived the resulting damage. Suddenly an arrow appeared out of the sky and struck Commander straight in the heart. Commander survived the incident but got wounded.

This occurs when the victim is hit by the arrow but takes no damage. Suddenly an arrow appeared out of the sky and headed straight for Commander's heart. But for some reason Commander managed to escape his/her deadly fate and got away with only a scratch.

There was no valid victim in the targeted province. The enchanted arrow did not find any suitable target and plummeted uselessly to the ground.

The victim's air shield prevented the damage. Suddenly an arrow appeared out of the sky and headed straight for Commander's heart. But Commander's magical missile protection knocked the arrow from its course and he/she got away without a scratch.

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