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Send Horror

Send Horror is a ritual that requires Blood 9 to cast, requiring blood 44astral 55 and consuming 20bloodslave when cast. This spell has a 40% chance of causing its caster to gain a horror mark. It is somewhat related to the weaker spell Send Lesser Horror, but differs primarily in the strength of the horrors produced.

This spell cannot under any circumstances summon lesser horrors: it will almost always generate a single greater horror, with a very slim chance of instead sending a doom horror. This chance depends very heavily on various factors: counterintuitively, the drain scales in the target province increase this chance, as well as whether Astral Corruption or the cataclysm are active. Note that having astral corruption active during the cataclysm has very little, if any apparent effect on this spell1).

Despite being a more potent spell than its lesser equivalent, the chance of summoning a doom horror remains slim: without either Astral Corruption or the Cataclysm, it reaches ~0.3% when cast into drain 3. Casting Astral Corruption allows this to instead reach around 1%, and the Cataclysm pushes it up to around 2%.

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