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Send Lesser Horror

Send Lesser Horror is a ritual that requires Blood 5 to cast, requiring blood 22astral 33 and consuming 9bloodslave when cast. This spell has a 10% chance of causing its caster to gain a horror mark. It is somewhat related to the more potent spell Send Horror, but differs chiefly in the strength of the horrors produced, and its ability to produce more than one horror in a single cast.

As is implied by the name, this spell chiefly summons lesser horrors. However, it has chances to summon greater and even doom horrors. This chance depends very heavily on various factors: counterintuitively, the drain scales in the target province increase this chance, as well as whether Astral Corruption or the cataclysm are active. Note that having astral corruption active during the cataclysm has no apparent effect on this spell.

The chance of rolling each horror within each tier (lesser, greater, doom) appear to be approximately equal. When certain lesser horrors are summoned with this spell, they are accompanied by a number of non-commander forms of the same type of horror.

Specifically, the chance of summoning a greater horror is approximately as follows:1)

Conditions Base chance Bonus/penalty per Drain/Magic scale
None 1.5% 0.5%
Astral Corruption 10% 2.5%
Cataclysm (with or without Astral Corruption) 25% 5%

The approximate chances of summoning a doom horror are calculated to be as follows:

Conditions Base chance Bonus/penalty per Drain/Magic scale
None 0.0045% 0.0015%
Astral Corruption 0.1% ~0.08%2)
Cataclysm (with or without Astral Corruption) 0.625% ~0.325%3)

The lesser horrors that yield additional non-commanders when summoned with this spell are described below. Note that unlike most rolls in Dominions, these die rolls are NOT open-ended.

Horror Effective Die Roll
Horror Mantis 1d3
Float Cat Horror 1d3
Soultorn 2d6-1
Spine Membrane Horror 1d3
Belly Maw Horror 2d3-1
Brass Claw Horror 2d3-1
Actual values moving from neutral scales are 0.05%, 0.125%, 0.1975%
Actual values moving from neutral scales are 0.275%, 0.325%, 0.375%
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