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Nation Page Template

Style Guide

Note: Edits in Progress 15-09-2023

The goal of a nation page is to provide factual information about the nation that the game/ mod inspector does not provide in an accessible format. Descriptions should mostly be brief and factual, with more elaborate use-cases only for standout units or spells. Nation pages should in no way instruct players on how a nation should be played or what mages are most significant, etc. Nation pages are not guides! Such advice belongs on dedicated strategy guides.

Exporting Strategic Information:
Many pages already have a lot of strategic information included that goes beyond the scope of this nation page template. In many cases this can simply be cut, especially where the information is redundant with existing general guides such as MelficeBelmont's Boosting Guide and Not-Lola's Basic Magic Use Guide. Other pages have more extensive guide-style strategic advice, in which case you should contact the guide writer (check the editing history) and see if you can port the information to a separate page.

Nation template begins below.

Name and Epithet of Nation


In-game nation description. – Nation Description

The in-game nation description is acceptable here (please note the source like above if you are directly copying a passage), but a custom-written version of the lore that incorporates insights from commander/hero descriptions and the Dominions 5 manual also works - it helps to keep things concise! A link to related nations in earlier or later ages fits here too.

Berytos is the melting pot of the Early Ages. It is the surviving remnants of the empire built by the Telkhines, now a kingdom of ghosts under the sea. Ruled over by an avaricious Melqart king and his wily Telkhine consort, the once-crippled colony of Berytos has birthed its own phoenix empire. Hinnom-style blood worship is in fashion, the sacrifices dedicated to the King of the City, but the cult itself is presided over by a priesthood of Machakan exiles who look to turn the cult to their own ends. It is the Dominions equivalent of Carthage and the Phoenician city-states with a spicy dash of Caananite Ba'al worship, tied into the history of Therodos and its former Telkine overlords as well as the downfall of the Machakan Lion Queens.

Berytos exists only during the Early Ages; by the Middle Ages the Phoenix Empire has been crushed by the armies of Arcoscephale. Like its parent empire, it is succeeded by just one of its colonies: Phaeacia.

National Features

The details in this table should be pulled from the Nation Description in-game. Clarify or omit anything that is unclear (e.g. use glamour instead of "illusions", amphibious instead of "can enter the sea"). Treat 25% magic randoms as guaranteed; ~12.5% randoms are "uncommon" and extremely unlikely randoms are "rare". Do not count paths from heroes as these are subject to too much variance.

Race Military Magic Access Dominion Buildings
Temperature preference
Unit races
Do not include numbers here.
Unit types
How heavily armored are they?
fire 33 (rare 4)
air 33 (rare 4)
blood 33 (rare 4)
water 33*
earth 22 (rare 3)
astral 11*
holy 22 Capital-only
holy 11 in Forts
holy 33 Summons
Blood Sacrifice?
Dying Dominion?
Maximum Fort level
Cheaper/more expensive labs/temples?


Bless bonuses, dominion effects and other national features not included in the table can be summarized here.

Capital Sites

Site 1 Site 2 etc.
Enables recruitment of Bride-in-Waiting and Colossi Warrior
Produces 2firegem3airgem2bloodslave per turn
Other effects (e.g. scales)

National Mechanics

Mechanic Name

Any mechanics and event chains unique to the nation should be explained here. Unit or commander abilities can be explained in later sections. Examples of National Mechanics include:
* Mekone's Krypteion and related mechanics
* Phaeacia's dark ships and annual Gigante visit
If the mechanic requires a lot of explanation, consider writing a brief description and linking to a dedicated page.

National Units


Keep descriptions to the point! Discussion of what to use certain magic paths for, thug equipment, etc. quickly becomes redundant over several nation pages, so describe the unit's abilities briefly and leave it at that. Combine entries if the units are very similar.

The following example roster has been shortened for brevity.

Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Berytian Scout
Gold 25
Resources 3
Recruitment points 1
Stealthy (55)
Mountain Survival
Forest Survival
Slightly more stealthy than a generic scout.
Storm Caller
Gold 205
Resources 2
Recruitment points 4
Coastal fort recruitment only
air 22water 22random1100% 15
Sailing (Max size 2)
40 leadership sailing mage, magic phase-capable with Cloud Trapeze. Usually old when recruited. Strong water and especially strong air paths provide great combat utility, but their recruitment point cost makes them difficult to mass. 25% are astral randoms who can join sabbaths.
Berytian Priest
Gold 140
Resources 2
Recruitment points 2
blood 11holy 11random1100% 9
Sailing (Max size 2)
Moderately expensive blood hunter, Sabbath Slave and Sabbath Master. Minor priest with 10 leadership.
Gold 415
Resources 8
Recruitment points 4
Capital Only
fire 22air 22earth 11blood 22holy 22random1100%
90 leadership mage, multiple moderate-to-high paths. Magic phase-capable with Cloud Trapeze. A flexible but expensive combat mage, capable of evocations/buffs/elemental summoning. Provides some useful forging crosspaths.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Berytian Militia
Generic militia. Cheap source of siege chaff or patrol strength.
Berytian Archer
Massable archers. Supported by national access to Wind Guide and Flaming Arrows.
Berytian Heavy Spearman
Formation Fighter(2) Medium infantry with formation fighter. Length 4 spear enables repels against most human weapons. Acceptable line-holding unit with higher attack density.
Colossi Warrior
Capital Only
Bodyguard (2)
Medium size 3 infantry with short swords. Much higher damage output than other Berytian troops. Cannot be sailed.
Note: 14 prot, not 13 prot as the hoverlink suggests.
War Elephant
Size 6 trampler. Great against low-damage units, but surprisingly fragile, prone to routing and expensive. Cannot be sailed.


Sprite Unit Name Special Attributes Comments
Dis Mater - Bride of the Gods
Minimum hero arrival turn: 10
fire 33earth 11death 33blood 33holy 22 25
Fire Resistance (13)
Describe what this hero can do (thug, cast, forge, etc.) and any new options the hero opens up.

Moderate death access with good crosspaths. Opens up the option of an immortal lategame with Vampire Lords. She can also forge Skull of Fire and Shademail Haubergeons.


Magic Access

This section is the longer version of the 'Magic Access' column in National Features. List which paths the nation has access to with its recruitable lineup, what level in each path and the maximum level attainable with common boosters. Avoid discussing in too much depth as much of the information is already covered in MelficeBelmont's Boosting and Access Guide. Some explanation may be required for more complicated boosting methods (e.g. commanderifying a unit with hidden paths).

Berytos gets excellent magic diversity from the coastal fort Storm Caller and cap-only Bride-in-Waiting. All of the paths available to Berytos can be boosted via communions using either astral or blood.


  • fire 33 on Brides-in-Waiting
  • air 33 on both Brides-in-Waiting and Storm Callers
  • water 33 on Storm Callers, water 77 via a Water Bracelet, Robe of the Sea and Queen of Elemental Water
  • earth 22 on Brides-in-Waiting, earth 66 via Earth Boots, a Blood Stone, Troll King's Court and King of Elemental Earth


  • astral 11 on Storm Callers
  • No death magic except for a death 33 hero
  • No nature magic except for a nature 22 hero
  • blood 33 on Brides-in-Waiting, more with boosters and empowerment.

National Spells

List combat and ritual spells unique to the nation. Keep descriptions brief but elaborate on any particularly useful spells.

Berytos mostly borrows national spells from its varied cultural influences, but also has its own unique Melqart summon courtesy of its blood cult. Wastelands for Se'irim and Shedim are usually generated near Berytos's capital on MapNuke maps, but may be more difficult to find on other maps.


  • Berytos does not have any national combat spells.


Summon Mazzikim Conjuration 3 nature 113naturegem Mazzik×8 units
Nature equivalent of Summon Imps, but cast outside of battle.
Summon Telkhine Conjuration 8 water 55air 2269watergem Telkhine×1 commander
Summons a size 4 amphibious fire 22air 33water 33earth 33death 22random1100% mage with a second form. Autocasts Foul Vapors in battle, kills 5% of population in its province every turn. Human form has Master Smith, demon form has a Fear aura and a +1 pathboost to air and water.
Scapegoats Blood 3 blood 118bloodslave Se'ir×2 units
Summons sacred, triple-attacking berserker demons. Hard-hitting but low native protection.
Summon Shedim Blood 4 blood 33air 1128bloodslave Shed×3 units
Summons lightning-flinging, flying demons. Their lightning attack is similar to Lightning Bolt but the damage is based on strength instead, making Shedim mini evocation mages that scale with strength buffs. Much more mage turn-efficient than the generic equivalent, Bind Storm Demon.
Call Melqart Blood 6 blood 33fire 2299bloodslave Melqart×1 commander
Summons a size 5 blood 33holy 33random2200% mage which kills population and raises unrest in its province. Notably different from Hinnom's Melqarts in that they are holy 33 (can claim thrones) and random air instead of astral.

National Items

List and describe any unique national items or discounts in this section, if any.

National Items

  • Construction 2 fire 11water 11 for 2firegem2watergem: Sword of the Five Elements
    Grants the user reinvigoration and a lot of attack and defence skill.
  • Construction 2 earth 11air 11 for 2earthgem2airgem: Armor of the Five Elements
    Light but high protection armor that grants minor fire, shock, and magic resistance.

National Discount Items

  • Construction 2 air 11 for 4airgem instead of 5airgem: Chi Shoes
    Grants an additional kick attack.

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