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Who Has Magic Weapons?

One commonly-chosen Bless effect is Magic Weapons, which makes the weapon attacks of blessed units able to ignore Etherealness and Invulnerability. Most Combat Magic also ignores those things, but Magic Weapons are generally easier to use. Everyone can forge Magic Items, too, but having troops or commanders with personal magic weapons saves valuable Gems. So who has Magic Weapons?

This page will go over what each nation has as an option, including if their Sacred units already have Magic Weapons, or if the nation even has Sacred troops. The columns list if the nation has any Magic Weapons outside of forging or Ritual Summoning, followed by if its Sacred troops (if it has any) have Magic Weapons, followed by if its best sacred "thug" (combat-ready commander) has weapons, followed by non-sacred units that have them. The first column will have an "X" if no troops with magic weapons are readily available without summoning or Gems. National and Regional Summons will not be listed at all if they cost Gems, unless they're especially noteworthy for the nation.

Early Ages

Nation MW? Sacred Troops Sacred Thugs Others
Arcoscephale Wind Rider, Flying Cavalry Wind Lord, Oreiad Spartae summon
Ermor Equite of the Sacred Shroud, Knight Lar summon
Ulm Steel Warrior, Medium Elite Antlered Shaman
Marverni Boar Warrior, Berserker Boar Lord
Sauromatia Oiorpata, Serpent Cavalry
Androphag, Serpent Cavalry
Ancestral Spirit, Battle-Summoned Chaff

Warrior Sorceress, Witch King
T'ien Ch'i Warrior of the Five Elements, Light Elite
Ancestral Spirit, Battle-Summoned Chaff

Machaka Lion Warrior, Medium Half-Giant Lion King, Lion Queen
Mictlan Jaguar Warrior, Light Shapechanger
Eagle Warrior, Flying Infantry
Sun Warrior, Medium Infantry

Priest King, Onaqui summon
Abysia Burning One, Heavy Half-Giant Berserker Anointed of Rhuax Salamander
Caelum Airya Temple Guard, Heavy Infantry
Blizzard Warrior, Flying Archer
Kavi Archer, Flying Archer
Mairya Warrior, Flying Infantry

Eagle King Plenty of guys
C'tis Serpent Dancer, Naked Dodger ?
Pangaea White Centaur, Elite Light Cavalry Dryad Mother
Agartha Seal Guard, Medium Giant
Ancient Ones, Medium Giants
Ancient Stone Hurlers, Giant "Javelinists"
Great Olm, Psychic

Oracles, Ancient Lord
Tir na n'Og Tuatha Warrior, Elven Light Elite Ri, Sidhe Lord
Fomoria Fomorian Giant, Titan
Unmarked, Heavy Giant Elite

Fomorian King
Nemedian Champion
Fomorian Druid

Nemedian Warrior
Vanheim Vanhere, Elven Berserker Van Leaders
Helheim Helhirding, Elven Cavalry
Valkyrie, Flying Elven Infantry

Van Leaders
Niefelheim Niefel Giant, Titan Niefel Jarl
Rus Chud Skinshifter, Shapechanging Berserker Perkunu, Son of Heaven
Kailasa Yavana, Naked Half-Giant
Yavana Archer, Naked Half-Giant Archer
Guhyaka, Naked Half-Giant

Lanka Palankasha, Medium Half-Giant Elite
Kala-Mukha Warrior, Medium Half-Giant
Asara, Naked Half-Giant
Anusara, Naked Half-Giant

Raksharaja, Rakshasi Asrapa summon
Yomi None Dai Oni Oni freespawn
Hinnom Rephaite Warrior, Heavy Half-Titan Melqart Dawn Guard
Ur Enki's Chosen, Medium Half-Giant Ensi, Entu Enkidu Head Hunter
Berytos Colossi Warrior, Medium Half-Giant Bride-in-Waiting
Melqart summon

Shed summon
Xibalba Sun Guide, Elite Flying Infantry Onaqui
Mekone None Polemarch Gigante troops
Ubar Ifrit Warrior, Heavy Giant Flying Elite Jinn and Ifrit leaders Jinn Warrior
Atlantis Living Pillar, Heavy Half-Giant Basalt King
Basalt Queen

R'lyeh Gibodai, Psychic Abodai Many other Psychics
Pelagia Pearl Guard, Medium Infantry Pearl King Pelagian Captain
Oceania Aphroi, Elite Medium Cavalry Aphroi Hierophant
Therodos Kourete, Berserker
Korybant, Berserker


Ghostly freespawn

Middle Ages

Nation MW? Sacred Troops Sacred Thugs Others
Arcoscephale Heart Companion, Heavy Infantry ? Spartae summon
Ermor None* Arch Bishop of Eldregate summon Summons
Sceleria Lictor, Medium Infantry
Shadow Vestal, Ghostly Naked Dodger

Pythium Battle Vestal, Naked Dodger Arch Angel summon Angelic Hosts
Man Warden of Avalon, Heavy Elite Lord Warden Knight of Avalon
Eriu Daoine Sidhe, Elven Light Elite Tuatha, Sidhe Lord
Ulm None ? All troops
Marignon Knight of the Chalice, Knight
Flagellant, Light Infantry

Angel of Fury summon
Harbinger summon

Mictlan Eagle Warrior, Flying Infantry
Jaguar Warrior, Light Shapechanger
Sun Warrior, Medium Infantry

T'ien Ch'i Red Guard, Knight Prince General
Machaka Black Hunter, Titan-Riding Knight Hunter Lord Black Sorcerer
Agartha Ancient One, Heavy Giant
Ancient Stone Hurler, Giant "Javelinist"
Shard Guard, Medium Half-Giant

Oracle of the Ancients Great Olm summon
Abysia Lava Warrior, Heavy Berserker Demonbred Salamander
Caelum Temple Guard, Heavy Infantry
Blizzard Warrior, Archer

? All troops
C'tis Sobek Sacred Guard, Heavy Giant Elite
Swamp Guard, Heavy Infantry

Sobek General
Pangaea White Centaur, Elite Light Cavalry Centaur Hierophant
Asphodel Black Centaur, Elite Light Cavalry Centaur Hierophant Some freespawn
Vanheim Van, Elven Cavalry
Valkyrie, Flying Elven Infantry

Van Leaders
Jotunheim Thrymshirding, Heavy Giant Thrymsgode
Vanarus Oath-Bound, Elven Medium Elite Vanabog
Bandar Log Tiger Rider, Tiger-Riding Elite
White One, Medium Infantry

Kinnara summon
Shinuyama None Bakemono Sorcerer
Ashdod Ahiman Anakite, Heavy Half-Titan Elite
Sheshai Anakite, Half-Titan Berserker

Adon Ditanu summon
Uruk Maiden of the Moon, Heavy Half-Giant Ensi Kusarikku summon
Nazca Sun Guard, Flying Elite Infantry
Condor Warrior, Flying Infantry

Inca Huaca summon
Xibalba Wo' Muuch, Heavy Half-Giant
Chak Muuch Obsidian Warrior, M. Infantry
Chak Muuch Dart Thrower, "Javelinist"

Bacab, Muuch K'uhul
Phlegra None ? Spartae summon
Phaeacia Orichalcum Guard, Heavy Half-Giant Colossi Leaders Spartae summon
Ind Baculite, Light Infantry
Mirror Guard, Medium Infantry
Soldier Priest, Medium Infantry
Archer Priest, Archer

Hashmal summon Giant of the Lost Tribe
Na'Ba Jann Guard, Elven Half-Giant Elite Jann Emir

Jinn Warrior summon
Atlantis Mother Guard, Heavy Half-Giant Coral Queen, Consort
R'lyeh None Starspawn Meteorite Guard
Pelagia Knight of the Deeps, Knight
Champion of the Closed Realm, H. Infantry

Conqueror of the Closed Realm
Triton Prince
Pearl King

Some leaders
Oceania Aphroi, Elite Medium Cavalry Aphroi Hierophant One leader
Ys Morvarc'h Knight, Elven Knight Morgen riders

*Freespawn isn't counted. Ermor gets the Knight of the Unholy Sepulchre as freespawn, and the Lictor as a summon; neither have MW.

Late Ages

Nation MW? Sacred Troops Sacred Thugs Others
Arcoscephale Heart Companion, Heavy Infantry ? Spartae summon
Pythium Serpent Cataphract, Heavy Serpent Cavalry
Hydra, Titanic Beast
Hydra Hatchling, Half-Giant Beast

Serpent Lord, Lar summon
Lemuria None* Grand Lemur summon Ghostly freespawn
Man Warden, Heavy Crossbow Infantry Lord Warden
Ulm Black Templar, Knight Hochmeister Ghoul Guardian
Marignon Hand of Justice, Medium Infantry
Flagellant, Light Infantry

Fallen Angel summon
Mictlan Jaguar Warrior, Light Shapechanger
Eagle Warrior, Flying Infantry
Rain Warrior, Medium Infantry

King of Rain, Onaqui summon
T'ien Ch'i Ancestor Vessel, Horse Archer
Ancestral Spirit, Battle-Summoned Chaff
Ancestor Smith, Spirit Master
Jomon Sohei, Heavy Infantry
Yamabushi, Heavy Elite

Kenzoku summon
Agartha Blindfighter, Heavy Elite Blindlord Agarthan Sapper
Abysia Guardian of the Pyre, Heavy Infantry Slayer Sanguine
Caelum Earthbound, Heavy Crossbow Infantry
Iron Hail Archer, Archer

? Some troops
C'tis Tomb Guard, Heavy Infantry Tomb King summon
Pangaea Dryad Hoplite, Medium Dodger ?
Midgård Van, Elven Cavalry Van Leaders
Utgård Garmhirding, Medium Berserker Jotun Leaders
Bogarus Khlyst, Light Infantry Bogatyr Multihero
Patala Naga Warrior, Heavy Half-Giant
Naga, Naked Half-Giant

Gath Gibbor, Heavy Giant
Levite Zealot, Medium Infantry

Kohen Gadol

Ragha Zhayedan, Heavy Flying Cavalry
Iceclad Zhayedan, Heavy Flying Infantry

Zhayedan Spahbed Summons
Xibalba Wo' Muuch, Heavy Half-Giant
Obsidian Warrior, Medium Flying Elite

Phlegra None ? Cyclopes
Vaettiheim Rimvaetti, Medium Little Guy ?
Atlantis Arssartut, Medium Elite Angakok, Unsleeping Consort Most troops
R'lyeh None Starspawn Meteorite Guard
Erytheia Soldier of the Setting Sun, H. Infantry ? Triton Knight

*Freespawn isn't counted. Lemuria gets the Spectral Lictor as freespawn, though, which DOES have MW.

Generic Summons

Gems can be spent to procure troops with Magic Weapons, in case you need them. Almost everyone has an option!

Path Summons
Fire has multiple options. Fire Elementals, Fire Snakes, and Will o' the Wisps all have unlimited magic attacks; the first two of those listed have AOE 1 attacks, so they also bypass Defence skill. These all do Fire damage, however, so Fire Resistance will take the edge off of them. On top of that, only the Fire Elemental's attack can be boosted with Strength of Giants. There are also Fire Drakes, which have a limited number of large-AOE Fire attacks that scale off of Strength, though these are not reliably used.
Air has the Lightning Swarm, a single-target melee attack that does 6 Shock damage. These do not scale with Strength, but they also ignore Protection, aside from Shock Resistance. Air Elementals and Spring Hawks use this attack, but the former will Trample instead if it's larger than its target, and Trampling is not a magical attack.
If you add Nature, you'll get an Amphiptere that spits magic Poison at foes! Poison Resistance comes into play against that. Mixing Earth into Air gives you a Watcher, which uses Lightning at range, but which doesn't move.
Water has somewhat-limited, somewhat-unreliable options. These are the Winter Wolf and the Ice Drake; the Winter Wolf uses an AOE-1 Cold attack half of the time that it can, while the Ice Drake has a limited number of wider-AOE Cold attacks that it uses at the same rate. Only the Ice Drake's attack scales with Strength, and it also ignores Protection. Both go against Cold Resistance. There are also Gelatinous Cubes with melee Acid attacks which rust Armor, but these prefer to Trample.
Add Fire to get Green Lions, which spit AOE-1 blobs of Acid at range! Alternatively, you can add Earth to get Cave Cows, whose spit hits single targets. Or add Death to get a Catoblepas, which has a Death Ray.
Earth has Cave Grubs; they aren't ideal, but their attacks do Acid damage to single targets. You'll need a cave to summon them.
Astral needs its crosspaths. With Death, you get Ether Warriors at a somewhat-high price. With Water, you get an Abomination with a giant Death Ray towards the end of the game.
Death has plenty of options; Wights, Ghosts, Dispossessed Spirits, Shade Beasts, Lammashtas, and Shades. Wight attacks cause Decay, Ghost and Lammashta attacks have Life Drain, Dispossessed Spirit attacks cause Paralysis, Shade attacks steal Strength from the target, and Shade Beast attacks Reanimate those they kill to serve you. Magic Resistance oppose Dispossesed Spirit and Shade attacks, as well as the Decay effect of the Wights. Lammashtas are neutral, by the way.
Add Fire and you'll get Corpse Candles and Longdead Archers; the former applies Decay at melee, while the latter does it at range.
Pure Nature doesn't offer many magical attacks, but you can always Awaken a Sleeper if you need something; that guy has both a melee and a ranged magic weapon. Alternatively, if you're expecting unwanted company, then you can steal their Strength with Woodland Spirits.
Crosspaths provide magic Fatigue and magic Poison Damage. Fatigue is provided by the Manikin and Mandragora from mixing Nature with good-ol' Death, and at range by Sprites summoned with a bit of Air. Magic Poison is supplied with Water; Bog Beasts blast single targets at range with it, while Swamp Drakes apply it with an AOE.
Pure Blood lets you dump Demonic Locusts anywhere; these aren't ideal to have sitting around in your own borders, but they have magic melee attacks. If you include Commanders, then the Succubus has a magic attack as well.
If you include crosspaths, then Fire provides ranged Fire attacks from Fiery Imps and Devils, Air provides a Shock-enhanced magic melee and ranged Shock attacks from Storm Demons, Water provides an element-less magic melee and a ranged Cold attack from Frost Fiends, and Death provides Life-Draining melee attacks from Vampires. The Horrors from mixing Blood with Astral have magic attacks, too.
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